Bechtel Family Genealogy

(My Great Great Grandparents were Amos and Mary)

Rev Amos Bechtel, in addition to looking after the spiritual welfare of his fellows, is devoting much of his attention to tilling the soil in Harrison Township, of which section he has been a resident for thirty years.

 He was born in Waterloo county, Canada, Sept. 28, 1836, a son of Abraham and Elizabeth (Warner) Bechtel, the former of whom owes his nativity to Lancaster Co., PA, being a son of Jacob Bechtel, who was a native of that State also, but who became on of the early settlers of Canada.  He reared eleven children: John, Henry, Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, Nancy, Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah, Catherine, and Magdalana.  Abraham was two years of age when taken to Canada, grew up, married and lived there, but in 1863 came to Elkhart county, In., and died in 1884, at which time he was 87 years of age.  He was a member of the German Baptist Church.  His wife died in Canada in 1863.  Of the large family of sixteen children born to this worthy couple, twelve are still living: Mary, Nancy, Abraham, William, John, Jacob, Magdaline, Noah, Amos, Lydia, Isaac, and David.  They all grew up in Canada, but a number moved to the States.

  Rev. Amos Bechtel received his education in the district schools of Canada and in his youth became inured to pioneer life, but his early struggles taught him self-reliance, energy, and thrift. 

On Sept. 27, 1859, he was married to Miss Mary A. Funk, who was born in Wellington Co, Ontario Canada on Aug. 24, 1836, a daughter of Henry and Sarah (Sedcrist) Funk, the former of whom was of Buck's county, PA.  He was a son of John Funk, who removed from that State to Canada in an early day, but died in Michigan some year since.  He was married twice, and his first wife was the mother of Mrs. Bechtel, whom she left an orphan at the age of nine years.  She was one of the five children:  Mary A, John, Samuel, Hannah, and Sarah who died young.  The second marriage resulted in the birth of five children also:  Libbie, Henry, Margaret, Dennis, and Stella.

 Mrs. (Amos) Bechtel was reared in the woods of Canada, but about thirty years ago came to this country with her husband, and with the section they have been identified ever since.  They are earnest members of the Brethren in Christ Church in which he has been a minister for the past 14 years.  He is a zealous worker of Christianity and has been since he was 30 years of age.  He worked by day in Harrison Center upon first coming to this township, but in a few years succeeded in purchasing 80 acres of land, but since 1885 has owned his farm of 93 acres where he is now living.  He is a successful farmer and stockraiser and is one of the most prominent of the county's many worthy citizens.

 They have reared eight children and lost two.  Leah was born in Canada, March 9, 1860, and is the wife of John Stump, living in Union Township, by whom she has six children; Clara, Charles, Harvey, Vernie, Oscar, and Milton; Rachel was born in Canada Nov. 27, 1861, is the wife of Jacob Fulmer (my Great Grandparents) of Concord Township, and has four children: Maude, Saloma, Walter and Truman; Harriet was born in Canada May 13, 1863, and died in Elkhart County, Oct. 2,1870; Lavina was born in this township, April 16, 1866, is the wife of John Kehr, of Harrison Township and has three children; Roscoe, Ray and Dora; Daniel was born April 15, 1869, and died August 29, 1875; Mary A. was born march 10,1872 and is the wife of Samuel Troup, of Jackson Township, and has one child, Ralph: Amos F. was born Dec. 22, 1873; Dora was born March 12, 1876, Rufus was born April 20, 1878, and Alpha was born Sept. 22, 1880.

Walter Fulmer married Uree Clipp (my Grandparents) and they had 4 children: Dayton Edward (my Dad), Ruth, Bertha and Treva.

 Mr. and Mrs. Bechtel occupy a leading position among the citizens of their township, and are among the foremost in all good works.  They are kind and charitable, generous in the use of their means in worthy causes, have been faithful and considerate in their family, and their children rise up and call them blessed.

 About fifteen years ago Mr. Bechtel met with quite a serious accident while felling timber in the woods, by the tree falling on his right leg, and since then he has been slightly crippled.  He and his wife have cheerfully borne the burden and heat of the day, and are still ready to put their heart in the work that is found for them to do.  They are a worthy couple in every respect, and possess numerous friends.

Pictorial and biographical memoirs of Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties, Indiana : together with biographies of many prominent men of northern Indiana and of the whole state, both living and dead.
Chicago: Goodspeed Bros., 1893, 773  pgs.

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