Boese Genealogy

Gottlieb Otto Boese/Bosche was born 11/11/1829 in Shaumburg, LIppe, Germany. He married Christena Eggerding, born 2/28/1835 in Shaumburg, Lippe, Germany. They married in Columbus, Indiana. Her father was Earnest Eggerding. They were of the Lutheran faith.

Christina, Gottlieb and son John Boese

Gottlieb Boese Obituary

Boese / Bosche
Barbara Boese
Emma Christine Boese (?) Hoeltke b 1865 OH
Frederick �Rica� Boese (Bert) Buxton b 1864 OH live Southport (IN?)
Gottleib (Christine Eggerding) Bosche / Boese b Germany 1829
Gottlieb Henry (Charlotte Hoeltke) Boese b 1860 OH
John Boese b 1881 IN
Louis C (Anna M Harms) Boese b 1870 or 71 OH (twin of William) lived Indpls
Mary Boese (?) Hoeltke b OH, moved back to OH
Matilda �Tilly Boese (George) Nienaber b 1876 IN
Sophia Christine Boese (Michael L) Werner b 1857 Cincinnati OH, her husband died early, she had long time boyfriend �Payne�
William H. (Elizabeth Guckenberger) (2. Clara) Boese b 1870 or 71 OH (twin of Louis)

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