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Adam & Verone (pronounced "Verina") Baumann
Anton Baumann b 1712
Johannes Baumann
Johannes b 1630 m 1651
Johannes Baumann b 2/6/1673
Mathias Baumann b Germany
Michael Baumann b 1651 m 1672
Theresse Baumann Strobel b Germany 1785

Amelia Franz Bumen
Amelia "Molly" Bumen Zapp
August Bumen

Barbara Bumen McClelland

Catherine Bumen
Christina Bumen Zapp

Edward Bumen
Elizabeth Bumen Hill
Gottlieb: Born 12/29/1832 in Kiechlinsberger, Baden, Germany
Helen Bumen
Howard Bumen
Jakob Bumen  b 7/14/1781
John Ignatius "Uncle Knots" Bumen b 1858 Madison IN
Joseph & Clara Bumen
Joseph Bumen
Josephine Bumen married John Steinberger
Kate Bumen Yunker

Leo Bumen
Louis Bumen m Alma Conn
Mary Bumen Kahn

Morris Bumen
Richard J Bumen
Sebastian Bumen b 1823
Bumen letters

Oldest Bumen history


Bumen Family Genealogy

The Bumen / Baumann Story
As told to Brigitte Spechtmeier by the priest at Kieschlinsbergen.
Some of the historic details were in an article in the newspaper.

In 1630 The plague swept through villages in Germany, killing entire families. There were many houses standing empty. Johannes Baumann came to Kieschlinsbergen, Germany from Switzerland at this time because they had very little food or money. Johannes and his family moved into one of the vacant houses. The Kieschlinsbergen church record books first record Johannes parents, Adam and Verone (pronounced "Verina") Baumann, but there are no Swiss records that would show their parents and families before them. Brigitte learned that the Swiss records were destroyed in a church fire years ago. Brigitte hoped to find those records, as she lives in Switzerland and if she could prove that her ancestors had lived in Switzerland she would have paid less money to the government when their daughter was getting her drivers license and also some taxes would be lower. She could not find any trace of the family records in Switzerland.


Descendants from Adam and Verone Baumann


Kieschlinsbergen Church Record Books

Page 20

Adam Baumann (b circa 1608) & Verone Staubin
Johannes b 1630 m 1651 to Margaretha Boler b 1632 Came to Germany
Michael Baumann b 1651 m 1672 to A. Maria Schneider b 10/10/1651


Page 52

Johannes Baumann b 2/6/1673 m 11/16/1698 to Elizabeth Schott b 10/8/1673, she d 1700
Johannes Baumann second m 1701 to Wfilla Haufurannim (sp hard to read) he d 1739


Page 53

Son: Anton Baumann b 1712 m 11/3/1738 to Catherine Witesrin she d 8/16/1747



Page 314

Anton second m Agatha Toller Oburbergen (sp?) 5/16/1748
Anton third m Haucushirin A. M. Achkgurlen (sp?) 4/11/1774
he d 3/21/1776

Son: Mathias Baumann b 2/9/1745 m 1/29/1776 to Agatha Dolverin b 7/27/1741 she d 4/22/1814 he d 11/30/1804

Page 465

Son: Jakob Bumen (Sp changed) b 7/14/1781 m 11/22/1802 to M. Anna  Rusenberger b 1/13/1780
Jakob second m 3/30/1818 Josepha Scherard b 11/22/1790

Son: Joseph  b 1807 and Son: Sebastian b 1823, different mother

Page 608

Son: Joseph Bumen (Sp changed) b 2/20/1807 m 3/1/1832 to Clara Strobel b 8/12/1808
and another Son: Sebastian b 1/16/1823
(Brigitte's Greatgrandfather)


Page 754

Joseph and Clara's children listed, Gotlieb, b 1832,  "Amerika 1853"
and they did fill in the year he married in Madison, 1855 and the year that he died, 1897.


Joseph and Clara had a son, Gottlieb.
In 1853, Joseph sold a cow to give Gottlieb the money to come to America. Gottlieb's daughter was Christina Bumen Zapp, her daughter was Bertha Zapp Steinberger, her daughter was Mary Louise Steinberger Werner and her son is John Werner.

Sebastian had a son, Jakob, b 6/24/1862, who had a son Leo m Frieda, they had a daughter, Elizabeth Baumann Kammerdiener who had Brigitte.

Joseph Bumen (b. 1807) was the son of Jakob Bumen (b. 1781) and his first wife Marianna.

Sebastian (b. 1823) was the son of Jakob Bumen (b. 1781) and his second wife Josepha Scherand.

Gottlieb (b. 1832) was the son of Joseph Bumen (b. 1807) and Clara Strbel (b. 1808)

Sebastian was a half-uncle of Gottlieb.

 Mary Louise and Elizabeth Kammerdiener were 3rd or 4th cousins. Interesting that their appearances and mannerisms were similar.

Elizabeth's house

Elizabeth owned a very large home with land in Germany. We visited her there. The property was worth over $2,000,000 according to her daughter, Brigitte.
Their children are 4th cousins, Brigitte Kammerdiener Spechtmeier and John Werner.

Brigitte said that her family knew that Sebastian always wanted to come to America, as Gottlieb told them how wonderful it was. However, his wife, Magdalena was very rich and he had to marry her. This made Sebastian very wealthy but Magdalena had no interest in leaving her homeland.

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