Sebastian Bumen Genealogy

Sebastian was the son of Joseph and Clara Bumen. They had another son, Gottlieb. In 1853, Joseph sold a cow to give Gottlieb the money to come to America. Gottlieb's daughter was Christina Bumen Zapp, her daughter was Bertha Zapp Steinberger, her daughter was Mary Louise Steinberger Werner and her son is John Werner.

Sebastian had a son, Jakob, b 6/24/1862, who had a son Leo m Frieda, they had a daughter, Elizabeth Baumann Kammerdiener who had Brigitte.

Joseph's Sons: Sebastian and Gottlieb
Their children were cousins: Christina and Jakob
Their children were 2nd cousins: Bertha and Leo
Their children were 3rd cousins: Mary Louise and Elizabeth. Their appearances and mannerisms were similar.

Jakob Bumen, always lived in Germany

Leo and Frieda Bumen, always lived in Germany

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