Marie Crawley Genealogy

George Crawley nephew of Joe Steinberger bestman at Joe�s Steinberger's wedding.
Marie Crawley neice of Joe Steinberger was a bridesmaid.


From a letter written by Kathryn Zapp Bishop, dated 12/16/1987: "Marie Crawley had a lot of friends but we were closest as we lived only a stone's throw apart. I remember her infectious laugh. She was a bit of sunshine in those early days. We rode our old farm wagons up and down Michigan Road. We rode our broken down bikes together. I had no money and her people were too tight to allow her any (though wealthy). Mr. Crawley was one of several orphans sort of adopted by a wealthy Mr. Paris, who left Crawley and the others plenty. But the farmers around said of Crawley that when his harness broke, he tied it together with binder twine. After I went to work I saw little of Marie. She married and lived in Monticello, IN.


(Note: This is the exact writings/quotes of the people that shared their memories.)

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