Ferguson Genealogy
Bloomington Bloomfield Indiana

Faye White Ferguson, mother of James Ferguson.
The family called him Jimmy.
Grandma and Grandpa and Mom said he was so special,
everyone loved Jimmy's personality. He was always smiling and sweet.

 Wilbur Ferguson Faye White wedding day

Aunt Faye White married Wilbur Ferguson.
Aunt Faye was an excellent seamstress.
They had one son, Jimmy.

Jim Ferguson Bloomington Indiana james leroy ferguson jim ferguson bud rush

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Jimmy was so precious to Aunt Faye. Grandma Rush (her sister) watched Jimmy while Aunt Faye worked at the chair factory in Bloomfield. Grandma loved Jimmy and was very close to Aunt Faye. Grandma told me that when Jimmy was little he was allergic to milk. Aunt Faye tried thinning it and mixing it with different things that the doctor suggested but he just could not tolerate it. Grandma gave him goat's milk and he did very well on that but Aunt Faye never knew that the milk grandma gave him and sent home for him was the goat's milk. Grandma and Grandpa had cows, horses, chickens and goats. Wilbur, Faye and Jimmy lived in Bloomfield Indiana in a cute bungalow. Then they moved to Bloomington.

Mom's best friend life-long was Beulah McGuire. She  worked for Aunt Faye after Wilbur and Aunt Faye divorced.  Aunt Fay and Jimmy moved to Bloomington IN and Aunt Faye  worked for IU.

Aunt Faye died from cancer that started in the bone in her arm. I remember when she came to our house and traveled on to the IU hospital for tests. She was a warm kind person, always smiling and positive; she lit up the room when she came in.

jim ferguson

Jim Ferguson
Jimmy married Sandy ? and they had two sons. They lived in Bloomington Indiana. Jimmy  died from "accidental drowning from a boat." My grandparents said from the time he was a child, he was deathly afraid of the water. Mom said he did not like being on water or boating and his death was a shock to them. My grandmother was so sad about Jimmy's death and said many times she wished she could know his sons.

 faye ferguson kate warnick wilbur ferguson

I have more photos; Aunt Faye and Grandma took a lot of photos.

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