Franz Genealogy

Joseph Anton Franz was Amelia Franz Bumen's father. He married Maria Ana Merklin. The Bumens were Catholic and Gottlieb studied to be a priest. He had a large library of books and they are located today in the preservation room of Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana.

If anyone can translate this, that would be very helpful
I can read Jofaf Anton Franz...February 1796 and Maria Ann Merklin...January 1800...
Amelia Franz Bumen's death certificate lists father as Jos France, b in Baden Germany.
It lists the birthplace of her mother as Baden Germany, but does not list the name of her mother.
Here is a Franz family record sheet that was mailed to me in the 1980's:
Copy of record book in Germany?

Franz Jos Anton

Amelia (married later) and Richard Franz 

Jos Anton Franz ship record 1855

Joseph Anton Franz 1855 ship record
Letter from Kathryn Massing regarding Franz, Bumen, Schnell
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