Gorg/ George Genealogy

Church in Johannesburg, Germany

John George Steinbachor was born in Bavaria, Germany on 7/31/1771.
He married Anna Maria Gorg, daughter of Christian Gorg and Magdalen Leitsinger Gorg  on 7/15/1815. This may be the church where they were married. He had a first wife, Catherine Elizabeth Eisert. I do not have any dates for her.


Village of Johannesberg, probably similar to how it looked 200 years ago.

History passed on in the family, I have not yet verified: J. George followed Napoleon for 20 years and was wounded at Marengo, Austria. He was a very tall man, a farmer and village wagon-maker. He had a brother, John.

According to Ignatius' "Samuel" obituary: John George (J. George) and Anna Maria's son Ignatius was born in Johannesberg on 7-28-1831. They came to the US and settled in Baltimore, MD in 1836 when Ignatius was 5 years old. They heard that Jackson County IN was a great place to live and they  moved on to Madison in Jackson County, "the most promising town in Indiana". J. George engaged in mercantile pursuits there.


Anna Maria Gorg Steinbachor b 1793 Germany, arr Jefferson Co IN 1833.
Christian Gorg
Magdalen Leitsinger Gorg

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