Madison Indiana Genealogy

Main Street looking east towards the intersection of Mulberry taken about 1856. This is what Madison would have looked like when our family arrived from Germany.
Photo credit: Linda Zapp

1916 Madison Indiana

1924 Caanan Road, Madison

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1909 Madison City Bond


1930's - 1950's
Chain Mills Falls Madison


1963 Main St, Madison


Railroad Cut in Madison

1910 Railroad Cut and Hill Engine #35


P.C.C. & St.L. Railroad Cut Madison Indiana

Old Reservoir and Incline, Madison Ind

John Paul Park

1923 Madison Steam Boat


Madison In Catholic Churches

Madison Catholic Churches

Churches & Religion
The Roman Catholic church in Southern Indiana offers few major differences from Catholics in the rest of the country. In Jefferson County, in particular, the churches were organized around the national origin of parishioners. St. Michael’s was known English, while St. Patrick’s was largely Irish and St. Mary’s and St. Anthony’s principally German. In fact, city directories specifically identify St. Mary’s as German Catholic and St. Michael’s as English Catholic.

From a letter written by Kathryn Zapp Bishop, dated 12/16/1987: "Now if you would like the scandals of this 101 year old woman, here it is: You know there was a time when Catholics and Protestants sorta hated one another. Well you know where the Hatcher Hill Road intersects with Michigan Rd? In that house lived Mrs. Jamison, about 70 years old. One day she said that she would like to go to a revival in Madison but was afraid to walk alone. I had to be in my 30's for I had no car but I said... My mother almost ******. As I saw it I was doing what was right. Well, I went and sang hymns with them and St. Patrick's gossip brigade told Father Gerdon. He stopped in my office and gave me a lecture. He said if you even go again I may suspend you from the Sacraments. And I said, "Well, get ready to do that, for if she asks me to visit with her again I will say ok." But Father Gerdon didn't do it and so St. Patrick's was saved a minor scandal. And even if the secret is out, at 101 years, I much doubt it would ruin my reputation. Sincerely, Kathryn Zapp Bishop"

(Note: These are the exact words of the people that shared their memories.)

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