McGinty Genealogy

I have photos of the original McGinty house in Ireland.
As soon as I have time to scan them and add the family story I will.
McGinty Family Record, 1900 Census John Mcginty Anna Riordin McGinty
John McGinty Sr.

The first McGinty car lot was in downtown Indianapolis, it was at that angle street, I think Virginia Ave? Mary McGinty gave this photo to me. I visited her several times in her small apartment in Indianapolis. She was very frugal and very nice. She invited me for lunch and made soup and sandwiches for one of our visits. She  told me that she was going to give some of her photos and a doll to me but she died not too long after that. I spoke with her after she entered an extended care facility. I felt very sad that she was there, but will always remember something that she said... She said, "Oh, it's ok, honey, we all have to be someplace." That sounds so simple yet it struck me as such a profound statement.


John McGinty death certificate

Bernard and Marie McGinty. John's (my husband) first job was as a lot boy for McGinty Dodge on the south side of Indianapolis.

Bernard funeral card

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