Genealogy Can You Identify Our Family?

We have many more that we can't identify. As we learn who these are, we will create a page for them and add new photos that we need help with.
Some have last names on them, some have full names. Here are some to start.

Written on back: "Bumen or Zapp", tin type, was with Bertha Steinberger's photos

Mary Ann Morley was in AJ and June Werner�s wedding, was she related or friend?
Photo with AJ Werner: Leonard Hickle, anyone know who he was?


This is the Steinberger sisters, just identified, thanks to Rosemary Cleveland, who is 91 and lives in Indianapolis. She is the daughter of Clara M. Steinberger Prenatt, who is the daughter of Sam and Katherine Steinberger.
The 5 girls of Samuel and Catherine Steinberger:
Kate, Josie, Mary, Helen and Clara

(photo original from Georgene Gahan Cole)

Not Sure, but mentioned:

  • Miss Swarthy of Cincinnati sang at Bertha Zapp and Joe Steinberger wedding

  • Mr. Hertz sang at Bertha Zapp and Joe Steinberger wedding

  • Roy Eiwyn, Roy Means, Warner Giore, Will Stephan and Frank Stephan were musicians at Bertha�s 19th birthday party.

Attended Bertha Zapp�s 19th bd party: Opal Eiwyn, Lottie Hassfurder, Fiora Zapp, Nora Crawley, Elena Zapp, Neil Austinmiller (Terre Haute), Marie Crawley, Mary Belzer, Nellie Bray, Julia Auger, Dora Selleck, Victori Stark, Hettie Stark, Lizzie Stark, Leona Bonnette, Dena Gehl, Helen Steinberger, Lottie Hutch, Mollie Bumen, Ida Bumen, Lou Zapp, Lizzie Vawter, Mattie Jamison, Lilly Simons, Amy Selwoeder, Mrs. Mollie Bumen, Mrs Sheets, Mrs. Cook and her daughter, Indianapolis

Was a pall-bearer at Amelia Bumen's funeral in Madison: Flora Zapp, Catherine Zapp, Lorine McClelland, Georgine Yunker, Genevieve Zapp, Marie Yunker, Margaret Steinberger, Robert Yunker, Lee Yunker, Clem Zapp, martin Krue, John Schoenstein, Graham Zapp

Frank & Helen Steinberger�s children: Frank (Bud) Steinberger, Lois Steinberger, Elsie Steinberger, Lorraine Steinberger, Paul Steinberger, Chichi Steinberger

Lorenz Strobel and 1. Petronilla Kaiser Strobel (She is mother of first 2 children) 2. Theresse Baumann Strobel�s children, all born in Germany, 1804 � 1830: Magdelana (d 1st yr), Lourantius (d 1st yr), Elizabeth (d 1st yr), M. Anna, Clara, Petronilla, Florian, Lorenz, Rosa (d 1st yr), Sophia (d 1st yr), Barbara (d 1st yr), M. Theressa (d 2nd yr), A. Maria (d 1st yr), Gottlieb (d 1st yr)

If you can read German, please review this document and let us know what it says. Thank you in advance for your help.

Also we have studio photos that we will post with what names are written on them in the future, some from Ohio. These were sent from a family member but I do not recognize any of the names.

...If anyone knows, please help
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Would you help by sharing? We appreciate your photos, stories, and memories. If our family history is not shared, it will be lost forever.


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