Riordan Family Genealogy

Jeannie Sloan / Slone, mother of Mary Jane Riordan
B: 1780  D: 10/30/1866

Bartholomew Riordan & Mary Jane Riordan

Death certificate for Mary Jane Riordan
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Ed & Ella (Riordan) Burke's house in North Vernon

ed ella burke wedding
Ed and Ella (Riordan) Burke wedding. Eugene is in the picture with a Kate Scanttom,
thank you to Ellen Riordan-Edens for this photo.

Ed was a manager for the railroad. They had two children, Jim and Ellen Burke. Now this house was remodeled to be the North Vernon police station.
Jim and Ellen did not marry and after this home was sold, they shared a home at 308 E. O & M Ave in North Vernon. They has a wonderful sense of humor, always teasing each other. They were very close to their family, especially their sister Anna and her husband, John McGinty. They had beautiful antique furniture. We visited them twice and enjoyed their stories and the photos that they shared.

Mary Riordan O'Shaugnessy, sister of Ella, John, Eugene and Annie

Riordan Genealogy


Eugene & Jennie Riordan

From Ellen Riordan, daughter of Edward Riordan: "My name is Ellen Riordan-Edens, my Father was
Edward Riordan the only child of Eugene and Jennie Riordan.

My dad never talked about his family very much to me. I was one of the younger children and he was gone alot when I was growing up. I remember one time he left on a train to go to Indiana to a FUNERAL IN 1962?
He told me I was named after his aunt Ella, I thought that was strange when I was young, however I was glad he chose Ellen instead of Ella.

Edward James Riordan, our Father b 1-4-1914, D 1994
Opal Berdine Pickens Riordan, our mother 8-13-1921, D 12-22-2006

There were 8 children. Five are still living.
Jennie Lou b 9-4-39 D 3-1972
Richard (lived 4 days was a " blue baby")1940? not sure will have to find out.
Nancy Jane b 5-12-42
Judy Ann b 4-13-44  D 7-4-2003
Wanda Kay b 4-11-49
Opal Berdine(named after our mom)4-6-51
Ellen Marie b 2-2-1953
Edward Thomas(named after our father 9-24-55

There are 17 grandchildren between all of us.
My father was a policeman when I was very young then he worked at Boeing. I also have a wedding picture I have restored of Tom and Lizzies wedding picture, also I had without knowing it a picture of Mary Jane Melvin. The same picture on your site. Thank you so much for having that available. We would never have known who she was.
If I scan the pictures I have and send them to you on a cd do you think you could identify any of them?
I am pretty sure I have several pictures of the young soldier you asked about on your web site?
Well I am probably boring you so I will sign off for now.
Thank you again!


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