Rush Genealogy


William Rush, b approx 1605 -15 in England, came to US on Ship "Matthew" in 1635.

........................................ Son:  William Rush  b: 1637-9 in Westmoreland, VA or in Bedfordshire, England, m 7/21/1652 in Machodoc, Washington Parish, Westmoreland, VA,  d: 1707 in Washington Par., Westmoreland, Virginia
...........................................  +Ann Gray  b: 1639 in St. Georges' Hun, Maryland or in Westmoreland, VA, d: 1686-90 in Machodoc, Westmoreland, Virginia
........................................... 16  William Rush  b: 1659-60 in Westmoreland, Virginia  d: 1707 in Washington Parish, Westmoreland, VA
..............................................  +Elizabeth Perry  b: 1663 in Virginia
.............................................. 17  William Rush  b: Abt. 1679 in Westmoreland, Virginia  d: 1735 in Germana Colony, Orange, Virginia
.................................................  +Mary  b: 1683 in Virginia
................................................. 18  Crawford Crafford Rush  b: 1720 in Culpeper, Virginia  d: 1799 in Randolph, North Carolina
....................................................  +Mary Broyles  b: 1734 in Orange, Virginia  d: Aft. 1818 in Randolph, North Carolina

 William Rush IV m Mary

had son, Crafford:

Crafford (or Crawford) Rush m Mary Briles / Broyles of VA - Culpepper Co, VA

--According to
They had at least the following children: Mary Rush (1773-1846); Elizabeth Rush (1775-1850); Michael Rush (1776-1855); Noah Rush (1778-1870); Azel Rush (1780 NC -1859 IN); Benjamin rush (1784 NC -1854 Washington, Indiana); Reuben Rush (1788-1817); Zebedee Rush (1790-1872); Dorcas Rush (1793 NC -1846 IN); Nineveh Rush (1796-1871); Bathsheba Rush (1798 NC -1845 MO) --

They had son, Benjamin C Rush:


Benjamin Rush, b approx 4/4/1752 or 10/19/1752, d 1819 m Dorcas Earkes Vickery b 11/25/1755 in Randolph or Guilford Co NC, d 1835

They had son, Noah, b 1/9/1778 in Randolph Co, NC, m Sarah Clark 1/3/1809 in Randolph Co, NC, he d 5/6/1870 in Randolph Co NC.

Sarah Clark, b 10/11/1790 in NC, d 4/6/1883 Randolph Co NC.

Noah Rush, January 9, 1778 d. May 6, 1870 married Sarah Clark, b. October 11, 1790 d. April 6, 1883.  They had 11 children:  Benjamin, b. April 9, 1810; Nancy, b. January 24, 1812; John Clark, b. March 29, 1814; Sarah, b. July 6, 1816; Noah, b. September 8, 1818; Zebedee, b. January 8, 1821; Dorcas, b. March 23, 1823; William, b. 1825; Mary, b. 1827, George Gregory, b. March 5, 1830; Martha Matilda, b. February 1, 1833.

Noah Rush, son of Noah Rush and Sarah Clark Rush, was born in North Carolina in 9/8/1817 or 1818, fifth of eleven children.

Noah married Elizabeth Elder, b 1812 on 7/24/1838 in Randolph Co NC. Their children:
1. George Washington, b 4/20/1839 in Raleigh, Randolph Co, NC, m #1 Lucinda Jones, #2 Mary Romine Lowry, b 2/6/1852. She had one son, Jesse Lowry. Mary and George married 7/7/1874 in Neosho Co, Erie, KS. They had 4 children. George d 10/1/1922, Mary d 5/1/1934, Erie, Neosho Co, KS. Both buried Shaw Cemetery.
(G-Grandfather of Betty (Myron) Rush, who lives in Iola KS. We met 7/1989 at my Grandparents, Maye and Wayne Rush. Grandpa was so happy to meet a cousin from KS!)
2. Sarah Perima (b 1840, d 1847)
3. Noah Webster (b 1843, d 1921 in OK)
4. James Zebedee, b 12/3/1848 in Raleigh NC, m Emma Florence Bohrer, b 9/1/1852. They married 8/22/1875 in Erie, Neosho County, KS,  d 1/18/1931. Had 8 children.

"James Z Rush, 1/2 brother of Oliver P Rush" on back of left photo.
"N W Rush to D B Rush, his brother" on front of right one.
These were part of a group of photos that Grandma (Maye Rush) & Grandpa (Wayne Rush) had.
They were all in one frame and Grandpa said they were always hanging in the
living room when he was growing up.

(Several of the Rush family left Indiana and traveled to KS and NB to settle, as they had breathing problems and arthritis. My grandfather had breathing problems and was diagnosed as having emphysema and a lung condition.)

5. Martha Elizabeth (b 1851, d 1852)
6. William C (b 1853, d unknown).

Noah and Elizabeth came to Lawrence County, IN and found rolling hills and fertile farm land there.

The mother of these 6 children, Elizabeth Elder Rush, died 3/24/1858 in Lawrence County IN and is buried at Springville. I do not have a photo of her, if anyone has one please let me know.

Noah married 2nd wife Esther C (middle name shown as Caroline on Hendrix / Hendricks, who was born in Randolph County NC, (In 1831 according to, but I have a photo of the cemetery stone that says 5/4/1828.)

Noah and Esther Rush, Indiana (We put flowers on their graves each year)
These were part of a group of photos that Grandma (Maye Rush) & Grandpa (Wayne Rush) had.
They were all in one frame and Grandpa said they were always hanging in the
living room when he was growing up.

Esther had one son, William Fletcher Hendrix / Hendricks, b 1/12/1849 in NC, d.7/1929. William married Gertie Gray and they had 12 children.

william fletcher hendricks or hendrix

1900 census wm fletcher hendricks

1900 Census Wm Fletcher Hendricks - Note, his children were born in IN except in 1891,
Sylvia was born in Kansas.

Noah and Esther were married 6/24/1858.

1860 Census

Their Children:
1. Mary Ellen "Mollie", b 7/2/1859, m Rector, moved to Holdridge NB
2. John C, b 6/28/1861, m Laura "Emma" Wilson, b 7/15/1863. John d 3/5/1934, Emma d 3/17/1927, both in Lawrence Co, IN.
3. Doctor B, b 6/28/1861, m Lydia Vest, moved to Chanute KS for health reasons; dryer weather.
4. Oliver P, b 11/3/1864, m Laura Hatfield, b 9/29/1870. They m 7/22/1888. Moved to Greene County, Bloomfield, IN.
5. Isabella C, b 7/22/1868, m Hannigan Rainbolt, b 11/1/1867. She d 2/16/1942 and he d 11/13/1949 in Lawrence Co IN, buried at Springville Cemetery.

Noah's Estate

Springville Cemetery, where Noah, Elizabeth, Esther and some of the family are buried.
Springville Church, a few blocks from the cemetery.

Noah Rush, born 9/8/1817, died 4/7/1877.
Elizabeth Rush, Noah's first wife, born 1812, died 1858.
Esther C. Hendrix Rush, Noah's 2nd wife, born May 4, 1828, died 1888.

2 infant graves, children of Noah and E. Rush.

Was in the frame with the photos below, so possibly Molly Rush

Children: Aunt Belle, Uncle John C, Uncle Doctor B, Grandpa Oliver P Rush.
These were part of a group of photos that Grandma (Maye Rush) & Grandpa (Wayne Rush) had.
They were all in one frame and Grandpa said they were always hanging in the
living room when he was growing up.

Rush graves at Springville. Nearest one is Oliver P. Rush

Rush family with Neighbors, Norman & Milford Riddle, probably in Popcorn IN, where they farmed. Grandpa Wayne Rush put these names on the photo.
Doctor B and Lydia Rush, their family photo

John C, b 1814 in NC was a brother of Noah's. He cam to IN and m Mahala Holmes in IN in 1839, (b 11/16/1819 in Floyd Co IN) and they had 12 children in IN. John C & Mahala Rush settled in in Hobbieville, Greene County IN.

Oliver P & Laura Rush had 4 boys: Carl, Rollie, Wayne and Kent.

Carl, Rollie, OP and Laura, Earl and Ella Rush cemetery stones.

My Grandparents

Oliver P and Laura Rush, my great-grandparents purchased 80 acres in Bloomfield, Indiana. This land is bordered by a country road that goes to the river and their property went to the river. They moved there from Popcorn, Lawrence County, Indiana when my Grandpa was 16. They wanted to be closer to a town. Grandpa Wayne Rush and his brother, Kent, helped their Dad, Oliver P, add a second story on the house after they purchased the property. Then they built the "little house" next door and a barn. They cleared land for a large garden and fenced more pasture for their horses and cows.

After my Grandparents, Wayne and Maye (White) Rush married, they lived in the little house across the field and Oliver and Laura lived in the big house. After Laura and Oliver died, Wayne and Maye inherited the big house so they moved there. At this time, their family had grown to 5. They rented out the little house. Uncle Kent and Aunt Laura inherited Oliver's other farm (not the one in Lawrence County) and they lived there for a while. It was in southern IN, maybe a county away from Bloomfield, but I do not know where.

Grandpa and Grandma both had striking light blue eyes and they were very tall. Grandma was shy around people but she was a wonderful Grandma. She always made our favorite foods and played games with us. I loved to go to town with them and ride in the back of the pickup truck. There was a handle by the windshield and I remember asking Grandpa what it was for. He said if he cranked it we would fly. He loved to joke around and enjoyed talking about politics. Grandpa always had a large garden with wonderful tomatoes, green beans and corn. Grandma and Grandpa worked in the garden and Grandma canned corn, green beans, tomatoes, and pickles. She made lime pickles that were so crisp and sweet. I remember when they purchased their first electric washer and dryer, probably about 1960. That was a real luxury at that time. Grandma liked to paint and sew. She made beautiful quilts and afghans. Grandpa made quilting frames.

My Memories

My earliest memories of the Rush family are playing at the "big house". My cousins and I loved to play tag and hide and seek. We would run around the wooden porch, which circled the house and it was covered. The back bedroom had a sitting porch. The door everyone used to enter the house had a sidewalk from  the driveway and it went into the kitchen. Beside the door was the really long porch swing with pretty spindles across the back. Grandpa Wayne Rush made the porch swing from the playpen spindles that had been used by my Aunt Wilma, Mom and Uncle Bud. He said that he made it long enough for him to be able to lay down and take a nap on it, and he was 6'4". The kitchen has a wood-burning stove. The table was always covered with a red and white checkered table cloth. Off the kitchen was a small room that had a bowl and pitcher on a counter with a mirror over it on one side and shelves on the other. The living room was large with thin lace curtains over the long windows. pretty woodwork and a fireplace. There were two bedrooms off the living room that shared a double-sided fireplace. Both the upstairs and downstairs rooms had really high ceilings and tall baseboards. The stairs went up by the living room to two bedrooms. One had the brick chimney in it and this was where mom and Aunt Wilma slept during the winter, near the chimney, to keep warm. The floors were wooden and the walls were wallpapered, one pale yellow and one pale blue. These rooms were light and bright with high ceilings and several windows in each room.

This house had a summer kitchen and a smoke house, which were separate buildings  from the main house but attached by the wooden porch, which was covered by the roof. Near the smokehouse was an angled door into the ground. This was the cellar where Grandma kept her canned foods, milk and butter. There was a large fragrant lilac bush by the cellar. Grandpa built the garage and a large barn, which are still standing and appear to be in excellent condition. The little house is still there too. However, the big house was damaged by termites, so it was removed after the property sold. A brick house was built back further from where the big house was. No one has a photo of the big farm house. So sad, we all wish we did.

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The barn and garage that Grandpa Wayne Rush built, probably approximately 1930.

 Rush Cemetery

The Rush cemetery is in Greene County, next to the Lawrence County line, on State Rd 54.  The  property  has a really wide creek running through it and also had the family cemetery on it. To view the cemetery, you must cross the creek, or you could wade across during the dryer time of summer. The cemetery is up a steep hill and around a ways; not easy to find. The land is still in the Rush family, titled as Theo L and Edna K Rush Living Trust. They have passed, and their son, Wayne cares for the property. He lives in Indianapolis. He came down to our Rush reunion in Bloomfield and took me to this cemetery in his four wheel drive truck. I took Grandpa Wayne Rush there and he remembered where the Rush house was and that there was a spring not far from the house. Grandpa Wayne remembered in 1949 going to the funeral of Artimecy "Timey", daughter of John C. A horse-drawn wagon had to take the casket across the creek.

The old Rush homestead was by the Rush Cemetery. The map and directions from Popcorn, IN, where Grandpa Rush grew up, are below.

Driving directions to Rush Cemetery, Springville, IN 47462
3.2 mi � about 7 minutes
rush property
Popcorn, IN
1. Head southwest on Byers Cemetery Rd/Popcorn Church Rd toward Popcorn Rd  
89 ft
2. Take the 1st left onto Popcorn Rd  
0.2 mi
3. Take the 1st right onto Popcorn Creek Rd/Popcorn River Rd  
2.0 mi
4. Turn right at IN-54 W  
1.0 mi
Rush Cemetery
Springville, IN 47462
Rush Cemetery and a marker there, I think it says:
John C, son of L. O. & E. D. Price, b ? d 1855
Lowder Cemetery in Lawrence County:
John C Rush
June 28,1861 - March 05, 1934
Son of Noah & Aster Rush
Married December 31, 1881 Laura Emma (Wilson) Rush
July 15, 1863 - March 17, 1927
Daughter of Giles & Louisa Wilson
Book G Pg 175, gravestones not located

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