Catherine Schnell Steinberger Genealogy
with Alice & Rosemary Prenatt

  Schnell genealogy

schnell genealogy

Family story by Rosemary Cleveland

Catherine is how her name is on the cemetery stone, but the family spelled it Katherine.

12/18/06: I visited Rosemary Cleveland today. She is the daughter of Clara M Steinberger Prenatt, who was the daughter of Sam and Catherine Steinberger. She is pictured above with her Grandmother Catherine and her sister, Alice.
Rosemary lives in Indianapolis, at St Augustine, where she has lived for 20 years.
She thanked me many times for coming and said she wanted me to stay all day, and asked me to come back as soon as I could. For 97 years old, she is doing really well. The only medicine that she takes is for blood pressure and we had a good conversation about family history, places, etc..

I showed the photo of Rosemary and her sister (above) with their Grandmother Catherine and she said that Catherine learned to speak English but she would lapse into German or a mix of German and English. She said her Grandmother was very sweet and it was a huge trip to Madison back then but they did ride the train and visited once in a while. It was always a big family party when they went, they all had such fun together she said.

Sister Maurice

Magdalina Schnell, Sister Maurice

St Mary of the Woods Indiana

St Mary of the Woods Indiana

Sister Maurice letter sister maurice letter page 2 genealogy sister maurice genealogy letter schnell hoffman letter page 4 genealogy

Letter from Sister Maurice to her niece, Mary Helen Steinberger Hoffman

Painting by Sr. Maurice

Letter from Kathryn Massing regarding Franz, Bumen, Schnell

schnell genealogy

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