Joseph Paris Steinberger
Family Genealogy

Joseph Paris Steinberger was born Apr. 27, 1881 in Madison IN. He was the son of
Ignatious "Samuel" Steinberger and Katherine/Catherine (Schnell) Steinberger.
When Joseph Steinberger was born, Rosemary said that Catherine handed him to her mother, Clara, and told her that it was her job to take care of Joe. Clara was very partial to him, Rosemary said they all loved Uncle Joe. Her mother and Joe wrote back and forth when he was in Washington and they always stayed in touch.

Joseph and his brothers:
The 4 boys of Ignatius "Samuel" and Catherine Steinberger are
John, Leo, Sam and Joe

Joseph's sisters: The 5 girls of Ignatius (changed name to Samuel) and Catherine Steinberger are:
Top left is Kate, top right is Josie, center is Mary (McNellis), bottom left is Helen and bottom right is Clara, who is Rosemary Prenatt Cleveland's mother.

Rosemary said that the sister in the center was Sam's favorite and when she had a disagreement with her father about getting married, he would not talk to her and she moved to Terre Haute, IN. She said that the sister did just fine and stayed in touch with the family but Sam was not the same after that.


Joseph married Bertha Cecelia Zapp on July 27, 1905 at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in North Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana. George Crawley nephew of Joe Steinberger was best man at Joe�s wedding Marie Crawley, niece of Joe Steinberger was brides maid. They were children of Josephine Steinberger Crawley, who was a sister of Joe's.

Joseph and Bertha moved from Madison, IN to Indianapolis, IN in 1910.

joe steinberger registration 2151 Avondale Indianapolis IN across 2151 Avondale Indianapolis IN

9/12/1918 Joseph draft registration. The house where they lived at 2151 Avondale Pl in 1918 was torn down and is a part of the Martin University Campus. Here is place where the house stood and also the house that would have been across the street.

Joseph and Bertha had 5 children, George Andrew Steinberger, Kathryn Agnes "Toots" (Steinberger) Gahan, Francis Bernard "Frank" Steinberger, Mary Louise "Mary Lou" (Steinberger) Werner and Bertha Clare "Tiny" (Steinberger) Johnson.

1920 census indianapolis marion county center tnsp 2151 Avondale Pl

In the 1920 Census, Joseph is listed as head of house, living at 2151 Avondale Pl, working at Motor Co, and the 3 oldest children, ages 13.11 and 7 are listed as newsboy and newsgirl with their own route. Both fathers born in Germany, and Prussia written after Germany for Bertha's. His mother born in Germany, with some place written after it, and German as her native tongue. Indiana is written for Bertha's mother's place of birth.

Joseph went to Canada to become a lumberjack and then moved to Seattle, WA to become a longshoreman, retiring in 1956, and moved back to Indianapolis.

From a letter written by Kathryn Gahan, "No, Dad did not keep in touch with me when he was in Washington but sent to mother buckets of honey, sorghum molasses, silver dollars and newspapers, including comics for the children."

In 1930 Census, Bertha is head of house at 1930 Delaware St with her children, youngest is age 10 and Larry and Kathryn, her brother and sister are living there. She said she is renting and made $5,000 per year as a dressmaker at home, her father was born in Germany. Larry is a druggist, Kathryn a stenographer and George is a delivery boy for the drugstore.

4/25/1942, Seattle Washington:

Joseph Paris Steinberger registered for the draft. He listed his address as 5809 Kensington Place, Seattle. He lists the name of the person who will always know where you are as: Mrs. R. E. Popoff. I found her great-neice, and she said she remembered visiting her Aunt, and she did not have a boarder at that time. It is unclear if he rented a room, was a friend and helped Mrs. Popoff with the rent, or if he was living with Mrs. Popoff in a relationship.

     Joseph Paris Steinberger Draft Card      Joseph Paris Steinberger Draft Registration Card Washington       seattle map joseph steinberger        house in washington


In WWII, Joseph handled carloads of ammunition. He handled explosives that were so dangerous that work was volunteer. Joseph loved working in his flower gardens. 

Joseph Paris Steinberger

Jospeh Steinberger Knights of Columbus Certificate     Jospeh P Steinberger

Joseph P Steinberger death card

joseph steinberger grave stone

Burial: Holy Cross and St. Joseph Cemetery, Indianapolis IN
Plot: Section B Lot 125 Row 6

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