Joseph Bumen & Clara Strobel Bumen Genealogy

Joseph and Clara lived their lives in Kieschlinsbergen Germany, along with their family. The only one of their children that came to the US was Gottlieb. Joseph sold a cow to give Gottlieb the money to travel to the US. Gottlieb was in contact with his family after he left and he told them how wonderful life was in Madison Indiana.

Gottlieb's brother, Sebastian longed to come to the US. Brigitte Spechtmeier, his great-great grandaughter, said that her family knew that Sebastian always wanted to come to America, as Gottlieb told them how wonderful it was. However, Sebastian's wife, Magdalena Schneider was very rich when he married her. This made Sebastian very wealthy, however she did not want to go to the U.S.. Gottlieb traveled back one time to Kieschlinsbergen, to receive his inheritance.

Joseph Bumen and Clara Strobel marriage record

Kieschlinsbergen, Germany, where the Bumen and Strobel families lived

Kieschlinsbergen church, THE church where Joseph and Clara were married.

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