Barbara Zapp Cardinal

B: Germany in 1838 - 53? Arrived in Madison IN in 1855. Married William Cardinal on 10/16/1869.
Shared by Betty Welsh:

 The story that was handed down was that Great Grandpa William Cardinal and Barbara Zapp lived near one another on Snops Creek.  That is above Madison where Jefferson Lake was at one time. There is a stone house  with the walls still standing that John cardinal built in 1840's. I understand the Zapps lived up the creek from this house. Great Grandpa William and Great Grandma Barbara had to get married the first time by the justice of peace and than later by the priest. Then when the baby was born, he was baptized and Great Grandpa got mad and would not let Great Grandma go to church anymore. A Catholic was a no-no in the Cardinal family.  

I don't think the Zapp's had much to do with the Cardinal's. I don't remember any family get togethers. There never was anyone from the Zapp family that I knew of. That is terrible that families couldn't get together. 

William Cardinal family

1936 William L Cardinal, brother John M "Jack", Barbara (wife of Wm)

Wiliiam Matt Cardinal with Grandmother Elizabeth Zapp

Elizabeth Zapp and grandson William Matt Cardinal

I was told Barbara could speak several different languages.  I have 2 pictures of her and a picture of Charles Zapp as a young boy, don't know why I have Charles Zapp picture his name is on the back of it. I remember she was in bed alot and had a cloth tied around her head and jaw, as she had  very bad tremors.  My father also had what they call Parkinsons now - most of daddy brothers and sisters had it. Now my cousins are coming up with it. I was 8 years old when she died as I was a flower girl at her funeral. Her 6 sons were her pall bearers.

We have a Cardinal reunion in August at North Vernon.

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