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Zapp Family Genealogy

Peter Zapp (1820-1906)
See Peter Zapp

Father of Nicholas Peter, husband of Elizabeth. They arrived in Madison in 1860.
Peter was born in Prussia. He also identified the place that he was from in two census records as Germany.* I have the record of their immigration, they came from Beckingen, a town on the Saar River northwest of Saarbrucken. They paid 600 taler, which was an old currency, to make the trip.


Madison in 1856, so very much as it looked when the Zapps arrived.
(Photo from Linda Zapp)

From Ron Harmon, who spoke with his Uncle Paul Zapp about this property:

Interesting thing about the Zapp home on Michigan Rd is that Michigan rd was highway 29. I do not know when it was changed to Hwy 421 (and in town known as Michigan Rd?) He said the there was an easement that ran the length of their property over to Craigmont street, or about a 1/4 + mile back behind the house.

Nicholas Christina Zapp Marriage

Nicholas & Christina marriage license

 Original Nicholas and Christina Zapp's home on the hill, just north of town,
on Michigan Rd in N. Madison Indiana

Pictured in photo: Graham & Hazel, Vincent, Daryl, Kathryn,
Flora, Christina, Bertha Clare Steinberger, Bertha Zapp Steinberger

The same Zapp home approx 1985. The owners made
the front into the side and the side is now the front.

Nicholas Peter Zapp (1852-1918)
See Nicholas Zapp
Son of Peter and Elizabeth Zapp, husband of Christina,
father of Bertha Zapp Steinberger

Christina Bumen Zapp (wife of Nicholas)
See Nicholas

Kathryn Zapp, Larry Zapp and Christina Bumen Zapp

Bertha Zapp Steinberger

See Bertha Steinberger
(Original from Georgene Gahan Cole)

Kathryn, Flo, Bertha, Sisters

Thelma and Darrell Zapp, children of Graham Zapp

dale norma zapp 1926

Dale & Norma Zapp 1926

Zapp family (word doc)

* Thank you to Linda Zapp for clarification: A map titled "The German States before 1871 (since the Zapps came over in 1860, I thought this was close to the time period when he left).  It shows a map of all the provinces (?) in Germany and there is a West Prussia and an East Prussia.  So, I think Prussia, Germany would be like saying Indiana, U.S.A. 


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