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Jacob Zapp Genealogy

Jacob Zapp (son of Peter and Elizabeth Zapp) was the one who was shot and killed outside his restaurant in Louisville, KY.  I have several newspaper articles about his murder.  Jacob Peter (Jakob) Zapp was born ca1849 in Prussia/Germany and died January 1, 1884 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky.  He was married (sometime before 1880) to Catherine "Kate".
Madison Daily Evening Star
Thursday, January 3, 1884
Page 4  Column 4
"Jacob Zapp
"A Former Madisonian Murdered in Louisville"
   The bad and sanguinary passions of men cause the air fairly to leap with tragedies.  We hoped to begin the New Year with better, things than to recount the particulars of murders and general deviltry.  But human nature we fear is going to be just as bad in 1884 as it was in 1883.  In Louisville on New Year's day there was a dastaphy murder, and a former Madison man was the victim.  The restaurant of Mr. Jacob Zapp was visited by a couple of rough_ ord_red their dinners, which were tarnished to them, but they indulged in so much boisterous conduct and insulting language in regard to the meal that Mr. Zapp was constrained to reprimand them.  They became very belligerant, and all getting out on the sidewalk in front of the house one of the parties fired a pistol and lodged four bullets into Mr. Zapp's body.  He lingered till 6 o'clock next monring, when he died.  The particulars, as we have been able to obtain them, exhibits a ruffianly and unjustifiable murder.  Mr. Zapp made an affidavit regarding the matter before he died, showing the act on the part of the aggressors was deliberate with full time to reflect as to what was done.  We refer to this tragedy on account of Mr. Zapp having once lived here and also having a great many warm friends in this city.  He left here about fourteen years ago, and has resided in Louisville ever since.  From what we can hear of him, he was a good citizen, generous and just in his nature.  He has left a wife but no children.  Quite a number of his old friends in Madison went down yesterday to attend the funeral."
Madison Daily Courier
Wednesday evening, January 2, 1884
Page 4  Column 1
  "Jacob Zapp, a German restaurant keeper, was shot and killed New Year's eve by a young man named Charles Brown, at Louisville.  Zapp left Madison fourteen years ago.  He leaves a wife, but no children.  The father and two brothers of the deceased, Philip and Nicholas zapp, are well-known farmers of this county."

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