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  Elizabeth Zapp with grandson  William MattCardinal

Peter Zapp (1820-1906)
(photo on left was Mary Louise Werner's, on right, Kathryn Gahan's), only photo of Elizabeth Zapp (with grandson, William Matt Cardinal)

Peter was the husband of Elizabeth Muhsler, father of 6 children: Peter, Barbara, Bertha (died early), Phillip, Kathryn and Nicholas.

Nicholas, son of Peter was the grandfather of Bertha Zapp Steinberger and Kathryn Steinberber Gahan. He brought his family to America approximately 1855.

Written by Kathryn Zapp Bishop, granddaughter of Peter Zapp on 1/23/1985: "Peter never tried to "show off" his sturdy good solid German looks, but at the same time was oh so proud of the fact that he had served in the Kaiser's body guard where the prerequisites were monthly certain measurements in shoulders, waist measurements, weight, height, etc., of that he was proud. There were only 6 bodyguards of the Kaiser so this was the highest honor. But he brought his family of 5 children (or 6 if Philip was born) to America to keep his boys out of the draft. They were Lutheran.

He had enough cash to buy a farm on Rykers Ridge (or Telegraph Hill), and he raised his family in the German way, to work and work hard. And he would have been surprised if anyone had criticized (and they did not) his idea that as long as children lived at home their wages were his. So he collected their wages until they married.

Now if you think he was a mean old so-and-so you are wrong. That was the way Germans were taught was right. he loved to have mom and dad (Nicholas & Christina Zapp) and all of his family over every Sunday. He was a very fine wine maker and had dozens of different grades that he made. Even ones for the "Kindley". Now I am not German educated and do not know if that is spelled right, but it meant children. And every Sunday music and a bit of dancing.

Grandmother was a little old lady who knew how and did bake more different kinds of coffee cake and desserts than modern bakers, and both of them enjoyed their weekend guests; not just on Sundays but always and always. She was bedridden the last 5 years of her life and he took care of her. No one else could do it good enough for him. He was a fine figure of a man (physically about perfect) and my dad was like that too. Dad, I'm sure did not even know that he had a build that any man might envy. he took no care of it, ate too much I'm sure but never had an extra pound on him and everyone seemed to like him.

Peter Zapp's children didn't follow their religion. Kate & Barbara married out of the church. Bertha & (I can't think of the other boy's name) died without any families. And I am of the opinion that my father Nicholas and his brother Philip stayed in the church for the same reasons: Dad married Christina Bumen and Philip married her sister Amelia and you couldn't live with a Bumen if you didn't. Sincerely, Kathryn Bishop"

Elizabeth Zapp death certificate

From John Zapp:
My son and I visited the cemetery on Wednesday and found the headstone for Peter and Elizabeth Zapp. There are a lot of old worn and unreadable headstones but theirs was a really nice one for the period. It is located on the left, a few rows from entrance.


1.  PETER1 ZAPP1,1,1 was born 1820 in Prussia, Germany1, and died 24 Mar 19061,1.  He married ELIZABETH MUHSLER1, daughter of PETER MUHSLER and HREKDER.  She was born 1822 in Prussia, and died 27 Jun 1901.

Notes for PETER ZAPP:

Peter immigrated from Prussia into New Orleans with his brother in 1855 with wife Elizabeth and 6 children.

One of 6 body guards of the Kaiser. Tall man with superb physique and courage. Spok "High German" dialect.

More About PETER ZAPP:

Burial: St Marys Cemetary, Madison, Indiana


Burial: St Marys Cemetary, Madison, Indiana

Immigration: 1855, New Orleans, up Miss. and Ohio River to Hatcher Hill


2.                i.    NICHOLAS2 ZAPP, b. 26 Mar 1852, Prussia, Germany; d. 17 Jul 1918, Madison, Indiana.

                  ii.    BARBARA ZAPP1, m. WILLIAM CARDINAL.

                 iii.    KATHARINE ZAPP1, m. WILLIAM STEPHENS.

                 iv.    PETER ZAPP, d. Louisville, Kentucky.

Notes for PETER ZAPP:

Shot and killed by a robber in his Louisville Restaurant

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